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2013 Coalition Government

Scrapminingtax cross
spend first week in aborigine community cross
investment of more than 100m cross
tow back the boats cross
  1. Establish Commission to Audit Government Spending.
  2. Indexation of Superannuation for ex-servicemen and women.
  3. Restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) “At the first available opportunity”
  4. + $10 mil to Surf Lifesaving Clubs around Australia and extend Beach Drowning Black Spot Reduction Program.
  5. Save $1 Bil a year by deregulating small business.
  6. Six Months paid maternity leave for working mothers (Up to $75,000)
  7. Remove Carbon Tax Immediately (Within 6 months)
  8. Remove Mining Tax Immediately
  9. Cut Personal Income Tax within first term.
  10. Review of all Welfare Payments
  11. Set up a Single Environmental Approvals Entity.
  12. Introduce “Direct Action” Climate Change policy
  13. Resume Offshore Processing at Nauru
  14. Reintroduce Temporary Protection Visas
  15. Turn around boats, when safe.
  16. Scale back Government Spending on Aboriginal Australians.
  17. $4 Bil to road projects in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
  18. Cut Commonwealth Government Jobs.
  19. Continuing Roll-Out of NBN, quicker and cheaper.(Changed from ‘Ending NBN’)
  20. Purchase of 12 new Ships for Navy
  21. Increase penalties for Environmental Protesting
  22. $2.08 extra to complete Pacific Highway Duplication.
  23. Hold Judicial Inquiry into Union Corruption
  24. Hold Judicial Inquiry into Julia Gillard’s set up of association for AWU in 90’s.
  25. $35m to find cure for Type I Diabetes.
  26. Cut company tax by 1.5%
  27. Cut Schoolkids bonus.
  28. $50m to fund CCTV Cameras. Money to come from ‘Proceeds of Crime’
  29. Within 12 months, Referendum to recognise Aborignals as the “First Australians”
  30. Change GST funding formula so that small states are no worse off, but that growing states get larger share.
One Comment
  1. Sounds like a great idea, would be great if it took of and we hold these bastards to account.

    I just read today that in Victoria where I live, TED Baillieu’s election promises have been stripped from the Liberal Party website amid claims he will shelve them.He has very quietly been removing his key promises that are yet to be delivered upon coming up to a state budget…

    Makes you sick, thinking we vote for these cretins

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